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The Future of StoryTelling Conference Program Guide

Adobe Illustrator


The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) Conference is an annual conference to bring business leaders, artists, musicians and speakers to discuss, collaborate, and experience the newest advancements of immersive storytelling technology. As a design intern for FoST, my main project was to create the 2020 FoST program guide. I followed brand guidelines to create an innovative design that captured that year's theme of "meta-narratives".


The "meta-narrative" theme for the FoST 2020 conference was to compare cross-cultural traditional storytelling narratives with immersive storytelling technology narratives.

The main question I asked myself during the process are "what shapes or patterns can tell two stories?". Scattered pixels can look like constellations, grids can look like landscapes, sound waves can look like water, and networks look like communities. By marrying archetypes of the natural world and technology, I found countless possibilities for cover designs for the company to review and select.


Due to COVID-19 the 2020 FoST conference has been canceled but the project will be resumed next year for the 2021 conference.

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