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Digital Rituals

A collaboration between cultural, technological, and spiritual worlds

Immersive, Digital Installation

Rotterdam, NL


Digital Rituals was created in three days during an international residency at the Willem DeKooning Academy in Rotterdam, NL. Nine art students from MICA in Baltimore, MD and the Willem DeKooning Academy used motion capture gloves to turn hand movements on cultural gestures, unlocking phones, and prayer/blessing into data.  From the collected data of hand pathways, we created animations, plotter drawings, and trained an AI to distinguish between the three categories (Prayer, Passwords and Vernacular). All components were displayed in an interactive installation at Willem DeKooning Academy in October 2018.


Biro Noemi/ Creative Technologist

Ricardo Abbaszadeh/ Creative Technologist

Tutu Guo/ Creative Technologist

Khadija Aziz/ Plotter Drawing Design

Kimmy Tsai/ Drawing Design and Communications

Samiha Alam/ Animation

Sumangla Bishnoi/ Animation

Cheng Qin/ Installation and Drawing Design

Anna Huff/ Installation and Communications

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