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Gratitude Garden

A virtual community garden that grows with thoughtfulness instead of sunshine

Blender, Substance Painter, Unity

2020, ongoing

A selected top 20 Cannes Film Festival XR project, Gratitude Garden is an AR experience that illustrates universality of our hopes and fears through the lens of a virtual community garden.

The experience starts with an app which asks questions like "If you can hold hope in the palm of your hand, what would it feel like?", "If fear was a shape, what would it look like?", or "What color reminds you of someone you love?". Based on the answers, a unique flower is virtually planted in the AR garden as a visual manifestation of your answers.  

The project is lead by Sarah Choi and William Yao with Cathy Qiu and myself as the design team. The entirety of the project was created during COVID with team members across the US meeting virtually from New York, Texas, South Carolina, and California to plan, ideate, and to build a project about thankfulness and connectivity all while none of us had ever met each other in person. 

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