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Surrogate Sun

Utopia at dusk 

Installation: drywall, projector, speaker, fan, window, curtains

14'x 8' x 10'


Utopias do not need to exist to be real because they are fantasies informed by the critiques of the present. They are meant to live in either the future or in the past through the means of hope and nostalgia; a longing for something yet to happen or loss of what used to be.

This in turn makes the present a purgatory between the two worlds by unwilling to commit to
the now. The imagery I use are prosaic forms and objects inspired by suburban interiors. Not only are these objects universally recognized, they are loaded with personal memories, making it simultaneously familiar for individuals to project their own past experiences while being specific to my personal memories. Each object is an attempt to recreate or regain a loss of utopia while at the same time expose how their fabricated realities will never be anything more then reenactments.

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